University Information

UNM will build on its strategic resources:

  • to offer New Mexicans access to a comprehensive array of high quality educational, research and service programs.
  • to serve as a significant knowledge resource for New Mexico, the nation, and the world; and
  • to foster programs of international prominence that will place UNM among America's most distinguished public research universities.
  • Departmental Information

    To fulfill the vision and serve our constituents, the objective of our undergraduate programs is to educate students to become resourceful practitioners of engineering who:

  • Are capable of utilizing their engineering skills in industry and national laboratories, or in the pursuit of graduate education;
  • Are knowledgeable of the professional responsibilities and social context associated with being an engineer; can work in teams and effectively communicate the results of their work;
  • Will develop their knowledge and skills throughout their careers; and,
  • Function well in a diverse environment.