Welcome to the ECE Graduate Programs

Internationally recognized for its excellence in research and education, the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) department has 32 tenured/tenure-track faculty members and over 500 students. The ECE@UNM faculty pursues active research in a wide range of key strategic areas, including applied electromagnetics, photonics, and nanotechnology, communications and signal processing, biomedical technologies, renewable energy, control systems, information systems and networking systems. Many of our faculty are well-recognized in their fields, and the department is currently home to eight IEEE fellows.

Graduate students at ECE@UNM have access to state-of-the-art research facilities located in numerous research laboratories and large interdisciplinary centers.

ECE@UNM is dedicated to improving life through discovery, education and innovation. We embrace an open culture and offer our students unique forward-looking curricula, low student-to-faculty ratios and highly talented and dedicated professors, instructors and mentors. Our graduate courses cover a full breadth of areas, including core foundational topics as well as focused special offerings in the latest technologies.

Director of Graduate Programs
Dr. Mark Gilmore
Associate Professor and Associate Chair
Phone: 505 - 277 2580
Fax: 505 – 277 1439
Email: mgilmore@unm.edu

Coordinator of Graduate Programs
Ms. Elmyra Grelle
Phone: 505 - 277 2600
Fax: 505 - 277 1439
Email: egrelle@unm.edu