PhD Program

Department offers following doctoral degrees:

  1. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Engineering with concentration in

Electrical Engineering

Computer Engineering

  1. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Optical Science and Engineering

The Ph.D. program requires a minimum of 48 credit hours of coursework (excluding the 18 hours of dissertation credit hours and 2 hours of ECE590) beyond the bachelor’s degree, which may include a maximum of 6 hours of master’s thesis. A minimum of 24 credit hours must be completed at the University of New Mexico, of which 18 hours must be at the 500 level or above.

The PhD degree requires at least 12 hours of ECE core courses, among which 9 hours are required by the selected emphasis area as 3 major core courses, and the other 3 hours are required as a minor core course to be chosen from any ECE emphasis outside the major emphasis. Note that in addition to the three major core courses some emphases may require another course. The remaining courses are free electives.

As a potential candidate for the Ph.D. program, each student must pass the Ph.D. qualifying examination to demonstrate satisfactory academic preparation and scholastic capabilities.

Doctoral Degree Requirements

  1. A minimum of 48 hours of coursework credits (not including ECE590 and ECE699 dissertation hours).
    1. At least 24 hours of coursework graduate credit must be completed at UNM.
    2. At least 18 hours of graduate credit coursework must be completed at UNM after admission to the doctoral program.
    3. A minimum of 18 hours of graduate credit coursework earned at UNM must be courses numbered 500 or above.
  2. Two credit hours of ECE 590 (Graduate Seminar).
  3. A minimum of 18 hours of dissertation credits (ECE 699).
  4. No more than 6 credit hours of coursework can have a grade of C (2.0), C+ (2.33) or CR (grading option selected by student). ECE 590 is excluded from this limitation.
  5. A student’s cumulative GPA cannot be below 3.0. In addition, the GPA for courses presented in his/her Application of Candidacy cannot be below 3.0
  6. No more than 50% of the required coursework credits at UNM may be taken with a single faculty member.  (Course work that has been completed for an M.S. degree is included in this limit).

Must be enrolled in at least one graduate credit in the semester in which the doctoral comprehensive examination is taken and in the semester in which the degree requirements are completed, including the summer session.

PhD Qualifying Exam

All Ph.D. candidates are expected to take the PhD Qualifying exam to demonstrate and establish satisfactory academic and scholastic preparation. A graduate student can take the Qualifying exam no more than twice in his/her Ph.D. program.
The qualifying exam must be attempted within one year of admission, unless otherwise determined by the academic adviser and the Director of Graduate Program. The exam is conducted twice a year: In January and in August, the week before the first day of the Spring or Fall semesters.
Four weeks before the Qualifying Exam, students are required to sign up for their major emphasis (three major core courses).  For the test, students are required to complete all questions from the three major core courses.

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