Mark A. Gilmore

Mark A. Gilmore
Associate Professor

Honors and Distinctions:
Associate Chair, Director of ECE Graduate Program

Contact Information:
(505) 277-2579
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Degrees: PhD Electrical Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles, 1999 MS Electrical Engineering, Northeastern University, Boston, 1992 BS Electrical Engineering, Boston University, Boston, 1986

The helicon-cathode (HELCAT) basic plasma science device in Mark Gilmore’s lab, which he and his team constructed with funding from the DOE Office of Science, began operating at its full-power magnetic field of 2.2 kG in August 2007 when its final phase of construction—installation of chilled water cooling—was completed.

With this phase complete, HELCAT can now also operate its dual RF and thermionic cathode plasma sources simultaneously.

Three grants funded by the DOE and NSF are supporting continued basic plasma science by Dr. Gilmore and his two colleagues in the Plasma and Fusion Science Group—Research Associate Professor Christopher Watts and Research Assistant Professor Alan Lynn. The grants address basic plasma physics topics in the areas of laboratory astrophysics, laboratory solar physics, and fusion energy.

Dr. Gilmore’s current research focuses on the physics and control of turbulence and transport in both laboratory and fusion plasmas. He collaborates on research in fusion energy and plasma astrophysics with scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory, on pulsed-power research with engineers at Sandia National Laboratories, and on highpower microwave devices with colleagues at ECE and the Air Force Research Lab in Albuquerque.

He currently serves as major advisor for eight students.