Ravinder K. Jain

Ravinder K. Jain

Contact Information:
(505) 272-7842
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Honors and Distinctions: Fellow, Optical Society of America Fellow, IEEE/LEOS Fellow, SPIE Recipient of SPIE’s Harold E. Edgerton Award

Degrees: PhD, EECS, University of California, Berkeley,1974 MS, EECS, University of California, Berkeley,1972 BS, EE, University of California, Santa Barbara, 1970 AB, Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara, 1970

Ravi Jain has made pioneering contributions to several areas of fundamental and applied physics and laser engineering. His scientific contributions have included the first experimental studies of the feasibility of laser-induced optical (anti-Stokes) cooling, the first proposal and elucidation of the plasmon-photon interaction in tunnel junctions, and numerous valuable studies on nonlinear optical interactions in glass fibers and in semiconductors, including quantum-confined semiconductor nanoparticles and coupled quantum dot metallic nanoparticle assemblies.

His engineering contributions have included the invention and demonstration of the cw tunable fiber Raman oscillator, the synchronously mode-locked cw dye laser, non-invasive optical probes for high-speed integrated circuits, and a large range of fiber lasers for telecom applications and for efficient visible upconversion and mid-IR downconversion sources. Most notable among the latter is his group’s recent demonstration of very high efficiency mid-infrared fiber lasers with power outputs of several watts, over 4 orders of magnitude higher than those demonstrated previously in the literature. These mid-IR fiber lasers have strong potential as compact field-usable tunable sources for trace level (sub-ppb) sensors of several molecular species, and as replacements of the conventional Er:YAG laser for numerous surgical applications ranging from dermatology to otology and ophthalmology.

Prof. Jain holds 20 U.S. and more than 20 foreign patents and has more than 100 scientific and technical publications. He has made more than 150 presentations, including more than 30 invited and plenary presentations at major professional conferences.

Current Research
• On-chip components for all-integrated plasmonic circuits • Nonlinear optics in quantum-confined semiconductor nanostructures • Multiwatt power level and tunable mid-IR fiber lasers for spectroscopic and surgical applications • Microstructured and polycomposite optical fibers for novel sensor applications • Tunable fiber Bragg gratings and tunable fiber lasers for reconfigurable optical interconnects and spectroscopic sensors

Professional Contributions and Awards
Prof. Jain holds a joint professorship with UNM’s Physics & Astronomy Department, and he held ECE’s Endowed Chair in Microelectronics from 1992-98. He has chaired several professional conferences and participated in numerous committees in several major professional societies, including the Fellows and Honorary Members Committee of OSA and chair of the Ultrafast Optics Electronics Technical Committee of IEEE-LEOS.