Christina Garcia Christina Garcia

Academic Advisor
ECE Bldg. Rm. 115

Christina Garcia arrived at UNM 2010 and worked at the Anderson School of Management as an administrative assistant.

She moved to ECE in 2011 and assumed the position of Senior Academic Advisor for Undergraduate Programs. She helps ECE undergraduates who come in as freshman and works with them to the point of graduation. She maintains all of their records and also creates outreach programs, like the Truman Project which reaches out to Truman middle school students who are interested in STEM Program (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Program).

"I like working with at-risk students and introducing them to STEM modalities. If we didn't work with them, more than likely they would not attend college or even think about attaining a STEM degree."

"My proudest achievement is my little boy because he is what keeps me striving for greatness," said Christina who was born and raised in Albuquerque.