Sandra Biedron & Grad Students Presented at CoDA

Sandra Biedron & Grad Students Presented at CoDA

ECE Research Prof Sandra Biedron and her grad students shared their research with attendees at the Conference on Data Analysis (CoDA) on March 9 at the Santa Fe Communicty Convention Center.

CoDA, a biennial event hosted by Los Alamost National Labs, highlights data-driven problems of interest to the Department of Energy. The talks and posters feature research from the Department of Energy national laboratories, academia, and industry. There are 350 attendees at this year's conference.  

Dr. Biedron was a plenary speaker at the invited session entitled "Let There Be Data: Analyzing Data from Lasers and Light Sources."  

The title of Dr. Biedron's talk was "Data Driven Concepts for Laser and Particle Accelerator-based User Facility Systems: All Systems Work Together." 

UNM ECE research scholars Trudy Bolin and Aasma Aslam also be presented posters at the conference.

CoDA 2023

Pictured last week at the recent Accelerator Test Facility (ATF) Users' Meeting are Marcus Babzien, ECE Research Scholar Trudy Bolin, ECE Researcher Scholar Aasma Aslam, ECE Prof. Sandra Biedron and Mark Palmer.