SHAC Offers Free Workshops

SHAC Offers Free Workshops

The Student Health and Counseling Department (SHAC) has announced three free workshops for UNM students: 1) Stress & Anxiety Toolbox 2) Catch Some Zzz's 3) Coping With Endings and 4) Anger Management.

These workshops are available to all currently enrolled UNM students and is and is paid for by their student activity fees. The mission of SHAC is to provide quality health services and programs to foster student success and wellness.

Although SHAC has offered similar classes in the past, what is notable is that new classes seem to no longer require advance registration and that's got to be a good thing!

Please click these words to learn more about the times for the Stress & Anxiety Toolbox.

Please click these words to learn more about the Student Workshop that is dedicated to getting a good night's sleep.

Click these words to learn more about a workshop that helps a person "cope with endings."

And finally, please click these words to learn more a workshop dedicated to Anger Management.

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Please click here to view a listing of all the upcoming SHAC offerings.

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