Tsiropoulou Wins NSF CRII Award

Tsiropoulou Wins NSF CRII Award

The National Science Foundation has awarded ECE Assistant Professor, Eirini Eleni Tsiropoulou, a Research Initiation Initiative Grant (NSF CRII) that will help fund her research and will also support her graduate students for the next two years. 

The NSF CRII Award is a prestigious, highly-competitive grant that is awarded to young Assistant Professors at the beginning of their academic careers. Only about 55-60 proposals are funded by the NSF each year and Dr. Tsiropoulou recently learned that her research project would be one of the lucky ones.

Tsiropoulou's grant is entitled "CRII: NeTS: Real-life modeling for EFficient RESource management in Heterogeneous multi-user systems — REFRESH

"The NSF CRII grant will support my research to REFRESH the way resource management is performed in Cyber-physical Systems," Tsiropoulou said.    

"I would like to thank the NSF director and the anonymous reviewers that supported this novel idea, as well as my research group consisting of brilliant graduate and undergraduate students that nothing could be possible without them."

"With this award," Tsiropoulou continued, "I have a unique opportunity to shed more light on the ways of treating the critical problem of resource management in heterogeneous multi-user systems, through a socio-technical perspective.  

"In particular, we aim to introduce and validate a user-centric resource orchestration framework while accounting for the user risk-seeking or loss-aversion behavior under uncertainty, typically observed in emerging 5G and cyber-physical social systems.”   

"REFRESH promotes a novel research agenda, where the proposed resource management framework and the real-life modeling approach go beyond the classical settings," Tsiropoulou said in her NSF abstract proposal.

Tsiropoulou has served as an Assistant Professor at ECE since Fall 2017.

ECE congratulates Dr. Tsiropoulou and her team (shown below) on this significant accomplishment.

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