Nov 10, 2010

ECE Annual Report Marks First 100 Years

ECE is celebrating its centennial year and, to set the stage, it has just released its 2009-10 Annual Report in a format that includes many new features compared with previous years' reports.

The 49-page document provides reports on current activities in all 14 of ECE's research areas as well as three affiliated research centers (the Center for High Technology Materials, the Mind Research Network, and COSMIAC). The research-area reports, written by the respective faculty members, demonstrate the significant impact of research conducted by scholars in ECE&UNM as the department continues to widen its network of collaborators and influence.

The report is more data-focused than ever, with charts and lists of research awards and spending, patents, top-cited papers, currently active grants, funding by agency category, degrees conferred, faculty distinctions, and more.

The report also includes a tribute to Emeritus Professor Peter Dorato, who passed away in September and whose absence from the department will "leave a big hole, " as Department Chair Chaouki Abdallah said.

"As we embark on our second century as a department, I am confident that in the face of great uncertainties and economic challenges, the ECE Department at UNM will thrive as it continues to graduate engineers and researchers for the new millennium, " Abdallah said.

A PDF of the annual report is here (4MB).