April 17, 2009

Profs, Students Recognized for Patents, Copyrights

ECE Professor Pradeep Sen and five of his students were recognized on April 13 for copyrights awarded to them for video games they developed in Sen's course, ECE 412 Introduction to Computer Graphics.

To see a 2-1/2-minute clip of KRQE News 13's April 17 report on the class, click here (13MB).

Also toasted during the ceremony were four of ECE's faculty members for recent patent awards.

The celebration was held by UNM's Science & Technology Corporation (STC.UNM), which oversees the university's technology transfer activities.

Sen's five students receiving copyrights for their video games are:

  • ECE doctoral student Craig Vineyard and master's student Jeremy Wright, for "Buccaneer Bonanza!"
  • ECE bachelor's student John Harger for "Toybox Racing"
  • ECE nondegree graduate student Justin Kellogg for "Missile Defender"
  • Computer Science Master's student Guanyu Wang, for "XTank"
  • ECE Professor Steven Brueck, director of UNM's Center for High Technology Materials, was recognized for two patents. One, "Electrokinetic Molecular Separation in Nanoscale Fluidic Channels," is co-held with Chemical & Nuclear Engineering professors Gabriel Lopez and Dimiter Petsev, Mechanical Engineering doctoral student Anthony Garcia, and Linnea Ista, a research scientist at UNM's Center for Biomedical Engineering. Brueck holds the other patent, "Fabrication of Optical-Quality Facets on a (001) Orientation Substrate by Selective Epitaxial Growth," with Seung-Chang Lee, a senior research engineer at UNM's Center for High Technology Materials.

    ECE professors Ganesh Balakrishnan and Larry Dawson, along with Professor Diana Huffaker (now at the University of California at Los Angeles) were recognized for award of their patent, "Quantum Dots Nucleation Layer of Lattice Mismatched Epitaxy."

    The STC reception was held from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at UNM's Science & Technology Park Rotunda. Members of the UNM community who have been issued patents and copyrights in the last year were honored. The featured speaker was Lyle Hohnke, general partner of Tullis Dickerson & Company, whose topic was "Venture Capital and Innovation: Chicken or Egg"?

    Technology licensed by STC.UNM led to creation of 21 new start-up companies between 2006 and 2008.