"Swap" Wins UNM Sigma Xi Excellence Award

May 29, 2014 - Charles Reuben

SwapSwapnadip Ghosh, a fourth year doctoral student at ECE, has won the "Excellence in Graduate Research Award" from the UNM Chapter of Sigma Xi.

Sigma Xi, an international honor society with strong ties with IEEE, is an international honor society that recognizes undergraduates and graduate students for excellence and outstanding research in science and engineering.

Swapnadip (or “Swap” to his friends) is the recipient of numerous honors and awards including a best student speaker award and Dorothy M. and Earl S. Hoffman Travel Grant award by the American Vacuum Society. He has authored and co-authored in ten peer-reviewed journals including Applied Physics Letters and IEEE Electron Device Letters.

Swapnadip has presented his research in over 20 international conference meetings and his research has brought four United State patents to fruition. He plans to pursue his Postdoctoral research work on thin-film, low-cost photovoltaic devices based on III-V semiconductors.

"This award is recognition of my scholarly accomplishments by a scientific society from UNM. It acknowledges the fact that my research work is gradually making some impact in the scientific community. The ECE department — and especially CHTM— has allowed me to broaden my research skills and dexterity beyond my coursework," said Swapnadip whose hobbies include working out, hiking, and “occasionally looking through Journals."

Swapnadip’s dissertation, "Germanium Based Epitaxy, Devices and Ge Based QDs for Next Generation Technologies,” is being supervised by Prof. Sang M. Han.

Swapnadip will be honored at a ceremony hosted by Sigma Xi on May 19. At that ceremony Swapnadip will receive a certificate and will then be initiated into Sigma Xi as a new member.

“Swap is then responsible to organize a lecture within his department,” said Kelly Monteleone, secretary for the organization, and postdoctoral fellow at the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology. “At this lecture Swap will receive a check for $100.”