Improved Class Scheduling Underway

January 2, 2015 - Chuck Reuben

In pursuit of continuous process improvement the ECE Department is investing resources into class scheduling.  The ultimate goal is to enable students to navigate the curriculum and to graduate in a minimum period of time by eliminating class conflicts and efficiently utilizing resources.  Fall 2015 has been targeted for rolling out a Master Schedule that meets these requirements.  

The Department has taken several steps towards improving the scheduling process.  Lantiv, a professional course scheduling software package, has been implemented to facilitate scheduling.  Lecturer Rich Compeau has been appointed Director of Master Scheduling to oversee the process and has created a set of rules for scheduling classes.  Faculty and Staff have participated in the construction, review, and implementation of these rules.  

Change, even for the better, is not without temporary inconvenience.  ECE Department Chair Dr. Jane Lehr commented, "Like all engineering processes there may be some bumps in the road."  Compeau elaborated saying, "From this point to the fall is a transition period from the old scheduling methods to a streamlined, algorithmic process.  We're still working out the bugs and ask for your patience while we improve the system.  While issues may be quickly detected, we must accept the latency associated with approvals, UNM's Central Scheduling, and so forth.  But in the end we will accomplish our goals."