Jordan Offers MATLAB and LabVIEW Classes

February 20, 2015 - Chuck Reuben

“Three” may be considered a crowd to some people, but not to Dr. Ramiro Jordan.
MATLAB Lab BenchJordan has recruited PhD students Anees Abrol and Eric Hamke to assist him in the teaching of two three-credit hour ECE courses in Advanced MATLAB and Advanced LabView, to take place Mondays and Fridays from March 16 to May 9.
Jordan lovingly refers to his assembled trio as “The Three Stooges” but his goal in creating these two courses is anything but comic. 

Jordan brings 20 years’ experience of teaching in the University environment to the classroom, as well as his understanding of how a course should be run and evaluated. 
MATLAB Lab BenchHamke developed training courses for the use of MATLAB at Honeywell and is considered a national expert on the subject. And Anees devised a lab-based course on communication systems at National Instruments in 2014.

“Students are expected to use MATLAB and LabView in their course work and projects,” said Hamke. “One of the questions they will be asked during a job interview or when their resumes are screened is their knowledge of, or their familiarity with, these tools.”

MATLAB FigureMATLAB has become an industry standard design and analysis tool used by companies like Ford, General Motors, the DoD, the FAA, Sandia National Labsand Los Alamos. They use MATLAB to reduce development costs by creating a virtual environment for testing designs. By using MATLAB these organizations don’t have to employ manpower in a project nor do they have to build experimental designs that may or may not work out.

Similarly, LABView has also become an industry standard for data acquisition and processing in real-time. LABView is used in the manufacturing industry and by SpaceX to monitor the launch of their rockets. It was also instrumental in the discovery of the Higgs-Boson particle at CERN.

“We are hoping that by combining our strengths we can develop a well-balanced course that reflects the needs of the University,” said Hamke.

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