Lasky: "You Guys Treat Us Right!"

January 1, 2017

Julia LaskyWhen Julia Lasky and her team arrived for work at ECE recently, they were greeted by an unusual sight.

The door of the janitorial closet on the first floor was covered with multi-colored Post-it Sticky Notes filled with testimonials of love from the students, staff and faculty of ECE.

"This building would be a mess without you guys! Not to mention it would be really boring!" wrote Jonathan.

"I have the pleasure to say the work custodial does is impeccable. Everybody is really kind and respectful," wrote Anonymous.

"My eyes got watery and I was so happy that ECE thinks of us as good workers," said Lasky who has worked for UNM since October 17, 1994 and will be retiring soon.

"The ECE janitorial staff is outstanding," said ECE Building Manager, David Modisette. "We've got one of the best teams at the University as far as I'm concerned. Our building is cleaner and neater than any of the others that I have seen."

ECE Cleaning Crew

ECE Cleaning CrewThe ECE janitorial crew consists of Lead Janitor Julia Lasky and her loyal crew: Francisca Gonzalez, Jakob Montoya, Alberto Fierro and Ricardo Sena.

Perhaps the reason why the janitorial staff allegedly treats ECE better than most departments can be explained by Lasky's final comment.

"All you guys at ECE treat us right," Julia said. "You don't treat us as if were custodians."