Machine Learning Class Goes On-Line

September 1, 2019

Machine Learning Class Goes On-Line

Machine Learning, taught by Dr. Manel Martínez-Ramòn, has joined the line-up of online classes offered at ECE.

Machine Learning (ECE 517) is one of five required courses (plus six electives) that can lead to a Master of Computer Engineering Degree in The Internet of Things at ECE.

"This class covers several advanced topics in machine learning, including statistical learning theory, kernels, gaussian processes and deep learning," said Martínez-Ramòn.  

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This graduate-level class will provide students with a strong foundation for both applying machine learning to complex real world problems and for addressing core research topics in machine learning.

Student taking the class should have knowledge of probability, statistics and, linear algebra. The background material will also be reviewed in the course. Also, it is mandatory to have basic knowledge of Matlab, Python or similar programming language.

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