Artem Kuskov Wins 2021 Guenther Pulsed Power Student Award

April 15, 2022

Artem Kuskov Wins 2021 Guenther Pulsed Power Student Award

ECE senior PhD student Artem Kuskov has been chosen by the IEEE as the winner of the 2021 Arthur H. Guenther Pulsed Power Student Award.

The IEEE Pulsed Power Science & Technology Awards Committee (PPST), who presents this award, is made up of expert pulsed power technology members from industry, academia, and the US national laboratories.

"Everyone was incredibly impressed and proud of what you have accomplished as a graduate student at the University of New Mexico," said Dr. David Alan Wetz, Chair of the PPST."As a previous winner of this award myself, I am honored to have your name on the award winners list."    

The Arthur H. Guenther Pulsed Power Student Award recognizes outstanding contributions as a student in pulsed power engineering, science or technology. A recipient is selected each year but awarded biennially at the Pulsed Power Conference Banquet. 

Artem DancingThe award, which will be presented at the 2021 IEEE Pulsed Power Conference in December, consists of a $2000 check and a certificate.

In addition to pursuing his Ph.D., Artem manages the microwave laboratory in the basement of ECE, keeping it tidy and safe. His current Pulsed Power projects involve the design of a high voltage Marx generator for low impedance high power microwave sources.

"Tem," as he is known around ECE, also won the Outstanding Senior Award, presented by the School of Engineering in 2014.

He worked in the High Power Electrodynamics Group in the Accelerator Technology division at Los Alamos National Laboratory. 

Tem is also a well-rounded Lobo who has set an example for the rest of us as a dedicated athlete and ballroom dancer.