Minors in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering

For Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science Majors

Minors in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering are offered to students majoring in Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science. To minimize additional credits needed beyond the major and minor requirements, students would need to consider the pre-requisites for the ECE courses. For example, ECE 203 has PHYS 1310 as a pre-requisite so a CS student would benefit from choosing that course as their Laboratory elective.

For ECE majors

Electrical and Computer Engineering students are unable to choose these minors as the ECE  curriculums already incorporate most of these minor courses.

For all other majors

Students in other majors are allowed to add either ECE minor but depending on their major and/or credits earned, there might a large amount of additional pre-requisites required that might make it prohibitive. For example, some of ECE 213’s pre-requisites are MATH 314 and 316, which require MATH 1522, which requires MATH 1512, and so on. Interested students would be allowed to choose either path laid out below (Physics/Math list of requirements or CS list or requirements).

Minor in Electrical Engineering

  • Physics and Mathematics students must take: ECE 203, 213, 206L, 238L, 314L, 321L; one of: 340, 360, 371.
  • Computer Science students must take: ECE 203, 206L, 213, 314L, 321L; two of: 322L, 340, 360, 371.

Minor in Computer Engineering

  • Physics and Mathematics students must take: ECE 203, 213, 238L, **331, **338, **344L.
  • Computer Science students must take: ECE 203, 206L, 213, **321L, **322L, **338, *438.

For pre-requisites for all courses, please refer to the UNM Catalog. Interested students are strongly encouraged to reach out to an ECE advisor for assistance via email at eceadvise@unm.edu or appointments through LoboAchieve.


ECE Students Interested in Other Minors

For undergraduate students pursing Electrical or Computer Engineering degrees, either ECE curriculum does not require a minor as each entails the 120 credit hours required to earn a Bachelor’s degree. ECE students, however, are welcome to complete a minor if they would like to pursue one.

Students should be aware that adding a minor would result in taking more than the 120 minimum credit hours and would more likely than not add additional semesters to a student’s graduation timeline. As such, students should use careful planning and consideration to ensure the minor complements their program and assists them in their future goals, as well as their limitations such as time and costs.

For available minors to choose from, students will need to research various resources such as the UNM Catalog or specific program websites. It is strongly recommended that students meet with an advisor for their minor of interest.