As per ICOPS tradition, a refereed IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science “Special Issue: Invited and Plenary Speakers of ICOPS/Beams 2014” will be generated from talks at the conference. In addition and keeping track with the long tradition of Beams, short un-refereed contributed papers will be solicited from all contributed talks and posters to form the Proceedings for ICOPS-Beams 2014. Those who desire a refereed format for contributed talks and posters are encouraged to submit their papers to IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science. As details emerge, they will be posted here.

Manuscript Submission Deadline

The deadline for manuscript submission for the "Proceedings for ICOPS-Beams 2014" is July 11, 2014*.

Manuscript Submission Formatting

Once authors have been notified that their abstract is accepted for presentation at ICOPS/Beams 2014, they will be invited to submit a manuscript to be included in the Conference Proceedings. This proceedings is a tradition of the Beams conference and the offer to submit a proceedings paper has been extended to all attendees of the combined ICOPS/Beams 2014 conference. Authors should submit their manuscripts online at To upload a manuscript, log on with the same username and password that was used for abstract submission, and click on the paper submission link. Once you are in the submission site, you will be given step-by-step instructions to submit a paper.
*Note: manuscript upload will not be available until after the session schedules are set.

Detailed instructions about manuscript preparation can be found here. A Microsoft Word template for the manuscript can be found here. Simply replace the text found in the template with your text.