Departmental Honors

Students who complete their junior year with a degree grade point average of 3.5 or above are eligible to attempt to earn Departmental Honors. To enroll, eligible students are sent an email invitation upon completion of their junior year. Students may also contact to see about eligibility/enrollment or for any other questions.

Once enrolled, students must complete both ECE 493 and ECE 494 with the same professor in two consecutive semesters. Students will complete a project as determined by the student and professor. ECE 493 and 494 will combine to give 3 credit hours total and is applicable as a Technical Elective/ECE 4*** course towards the degree requirements of the program. For example, 493 can be taken as a 1 credit hour course and then 494 as a 2 credit hour course, or vice-versa. Upon successful completion of the project as determined by the professor, the student will earn the Departmental Honors designation, which will appear on their degree.