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Semen Kurkin

Russian Associate Professor Visits ECE
November 24, 2015
Dr. Semen Kurkin, an Associate Professor from Sratov State University in Russia, will be visiting ECE until mid December (2015). Read More...

Nick Tarsenko

COSMIAC Explores The Future of Wireless Communication
October 29, 2015
ECE PhD student Nick Tarasenko wants your TV experience to be "crisp." And that's what occupies a lot of his work at ECE's COSMIAC Research center. Read More...

Vince Calhoun

Vince Calhoun Receives $13.5M in Grants
September 24, 2015
Vince Calhoun Receives $13.5M in Grants

Vince Calhoun

ECE Professor Probes Adolescent Brain
September 1, 2015
"There's a lot happening in the brain, going from ages 9 up through age 14," says ECE Professor Vince Calhoun. Read More...

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