ECE's MS Program Ranked #22 in Nation

ECE's MS Program Ranked #22 in Nation

The ECE Department at UNM is being hailed as one of the top in the nation!

UNM’s online Computer Engineering master’s program was ranked No. 22 in the United States by Best Computer Science Schools, listed alongside Georgia Institute of Technology, Auburn, Purdue, and Syracuse. The article touts ECE’s extensive list of master’s programs, including Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Optical Science and Engineering. It also honored the newly introduced Computer Engineering master’s “Internet of Things” concentration.

“We’re glad to see that our Computer Engineering online program is being recognized,” said Marios Pattichis, associate chair of ECE. “Especially since we are currently in the process of expanding our online offerings.”

Best Computer Science Schools looked at the overall institution when putting together the rankings. It also assessed the program features offered by each university and the notable achievements.

"We are excited about this (online) launch,” said Michael Devetsikiotis, chair of ECE. “It will be available in an eight-week intensive format as a `Managed Online Program,' and taught by experts from academia, government, and industry. With a total tuition cost of under $13,000 we look forward to attracting online students from the U.S. and abroad.”

ECE is no stranger to high rankings. U.S. News and World Report ranked it No. 70 in the nation for Computer Engineering and No. 74 for Electrical Engineering.

That report also tied the SOE with Louisiana State University- Baton Rouge and the University of Oklahoma. The School was analyzed for its GRE scores, acceptance rate, and research expenditures. According to the report, its research expenditures totaled $33 million in 2016.

 (This story was written by Rachel Whitt)