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ECE Students can volunteer or participate in the first-ever NeuroGames Jam: March 14-16

February 18, 2014 - Charles Reuben

EEG2ECE students are invited to help local school children make the first-ever NeuroGames Jam a success. ECE students are also invited to form teams and join in on the fun in the adult category (18 year or older).

The “NeuroGames” will take place from March 14-16 (Fri-Sun) at UNM’s Mesa del Sol facility, 5700 W University Blvd SE #310 (adjacent to the Albuquerque Film Studios).

NeuroGamers wear electroencephalograms (or EEGs) on their heads: The EEG headset uses electrodes placed on the scalp to detect the electrical activity of the brain. NeuroGamers are able to achieve a brain state that can drive robots, fly helicopters and play video games without the use of a remote control, joystick, mouse or keyboard!

Chris Forsythe, an event organizer, thinks that ECE students would enjoy being part of this event, either as a volunteer or participant.

“Most ECE students have probably not worked with EEG or other physiological sensors. We will have loaner equipment consisting of a consumer-grade EEG available for onsite teams,” said Forsythe. “Also, prior to the event, we will hold a seminar where we will provide some basic instruction in how these devices can be used and how to develop for them.”

EEG3NeuroGamer teams will compete to develop the most innovative product in one of three categories: (1) Brain-controlled games; (2) Brain-controlled recreational devices; or (3) Brain training games.

The competition will involve teams of professional and college developers, with kids assigned to work with individual teams to develop concepts, do research, test prototypes and prepare a presentation for the judges.

For more information or to learn how you can be part of NeuroGames, please contact Chris Forsythe at jcforsy@gmail.com . Their official website for the NeuroGames is located here: www.neurogamejam.com

Here is a video that shows a local New Mexico middle school group engaged in their study of neurotechnology and applied brain science. They are just one of many local groups that will be present at the the NeuroGames: