Lawrance Accepts Directed Energy Job in DC

September 13, 2017

Julie LawranceJulie Lawrance, who earned both her master’s and Ph.D. from UNM in electrical engineering, has recently taken a position working as a staff specialist in the Directed Energy Weapons Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense.

Lawrance, who specialized in directed energy while at UNM, will assist the director for weapons systems in the strategic planning, assessment, and defense/advocacy of the Department of Defense directed energy weapons technology area. She will represent DoD at working group meetings and in technical reviews to support the DoD technology focus team assessments and DoD communities of interest. She also will be responsible for preparing congressional posture statements and replies to congressional inquiries, policy documents related to DoD Service & Agency High Energy Laser and High Power Electromagnetics programs, and internal and external reports for the Secretary of Defense, the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics, the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research & Engineering, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research, and other high-ranking officials.

(This story was written by Kim Delker)