Chicago Trib Features Biedron

May 1, 2020

Chicago Trib Features Biedron

ECE Research Prof Sandra Biedron's role in the fight against COVID-19 and gender discrimination in STEM fields was featured in the March 28, 2020 edition of The Chicago Tribune.

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Biedron, who lives in Santa Fe with her husband, has deep roots in Chicago where she owns a historic home that "was basically sold to us at rock bottom so we could preserve the history."

Biedron's dedication to The Windy City's architectural history, as well as her research at Argonne National Laboratory with the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility, and also with Fermilab, makes her popular with the Chicago media.

"The Tribune and the folks I know in Chicago like to consider me as a resident there. It is just human nature I think," said Biedron in an e-mail exchange.

"But that quote from my colleague (Dr. John Sarrao) at Los Alamos National Lab helped balance this story toward New Mexico and the importance of particle accelerators. Even during this COVID-19 crisis, Los Alamos is operating the LANSCE accelerator to generate radio-isotopes LINK for applications such as heart imaging, desperately needed at this time."

In addition to describing her work and a detailed profile of her life, the Tribune article also quoted Biedron's advice to women who are entering the male-dominated field of physics, "Be yourself and speak up,” she said.

Sandra Biedron helped build a particle accelerator that enables scientists to study viruses like COVID-19. She also believes in preserving history and owns the historic Ingersoll-Blackwelder mansion in Chicago’s Morgan Park neighborhood.