April 12 seminar: David J. Maloney

April 11, 2024

photo: David Maloney

April 12, 2024

Wet Chemical Processes in Silicon Semiconductor Manufacturing

David J. Maloney, Technic Inc. and Linx Consulting, LLC, Pleasanton, CA

3:00 pm, ECE Building, Room 118
Online Guests: Contact Prof. Osiński <osinski@chtm.unm.edu> for a Zoom link

Abstract: The ever-increasing complexity demanded by advanced semiconductor manufacturing naturally drives concurrent complexity in all of the processes and materials that enable leading-edge microprocessors, memory, and ASIC products, and this extends to the wet chemical treatments that are heavily employed in advanced fabs. Starting with the advent of the RCA Cleans suite of processes, this talk reviews the history of liquid-phase chemical processing in semiconductor fabrication, from Si surface preparation through wafer-level packaging (“WLP”), and covers wet photoresist removal, selective wet etching, post-plasma etch cleaning, and post-CMP cleaning. The breadth and variety of chemistries and processes required to sustain the stringent demands of leading-edge Si processing will be highlighted.

Bio: Dr. David J. Maloney is an independent consultant to the chemical industry with a focus on the electronics materials and chemical manufacturing and blending sectors. His career has included a wide range of roles at DuPont, Intermolecular Inc., and several startup companies. He currently supports several organizations, including Technic Inc., a supplier of high-purity formulated solutions to the semiconductor industry; and Linx Consulting, the leading electronics materials consultants within the semiconductor industry. Dr. Maloney holds degrees in chemistry from McGill University (B.Sc.), Texas A&M University (Ph.D.) and the University of California, Berkeley (MBA). He has authored over 40 peer-reviewed publications and patents.