May 3 seminar: Jamshid Sorooshian

May 2, 2024

photo: Jamshid Sorooshian

May 3, 2024

Intel Technology Roadmap and Challenges

Jamshid Sorooshian, Intel Corporation, Rio Rancho, NM

3:00 pm, ECE Building, Room 118
Online Guests: Contact Prof. Osiński <> for a Zoom link

Abstract: The technology roadmap for the semiconductor industry has evolved from a standard Moore’s law outlook, to a more complex fab process line that has shifted from monolithic device fabrication. Today’s roadmaps show evolving integrated packaging schemes that begin to bridge the traditional fab process with that of the advanced packaging.

As such, the semiconductor industry is posed with new challenges that test the boundaries of material compatibility, thermal budgets, and 3- dimensional structural concerns (i.e., device bow, warpage, delamination, etc.)

This talk will touch on the considerations to reach our current state, and the path forward.

Bio: Dr. Jamshid Sorooshian is the New Mexico Site Manager for Program and Technology at Intel, focused on specialty processes specific to the New Mexico site and the broader disaggregate manufacturing organization. He received his PhD from the University of Arizona from the Department of Chemical Engineering with a focus on semiconductor planarization processes. He has spent his professional career at Intel Corporation spanning roles in Process Engineering, Yield and Integration, Technology and Development, and Technology Transfer management. He currently manages all aspects of cost, technology risk assessment, and technology transfer for the Rio Rancho site.